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Home Health Aide

If you are looking for a career in high demand, and love taking care of others, the Home Health Aide is the ideal profession for you. 



*Uniform, Book, CPR & In-services are included



In this course the student will learn basic skills in how to assist individuals with their personal grooming, dressing, bathing and the universal precautions designed to both protect the healthcare worker and patient.

The student will learn to provide assistance with housekeeping, laundry services, shopping for food, preparing and serving meals, snacks, running errands and other household requirements.  

Job Outlook

Employment in this field is projected to grow up to 41% to 2026 according to the United States  Department of Labor.

Work Places

Once graduate, students will be able to work at Home Health Aide Agencies, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Private Homes, Transitional Housing, Hospitals, etc.

  75 Hours Course

Sessions 1-2

Introduction to Home Health Aide Services
Students will learn the structure of an Agency and the HHAs role. They will be also introduced to the fundamentals of client care, communication, infection prevention and  the CPR and First Aid procedures.

Sessions 3-4

Understanding Clients/ Client Care
Students will understand different cultures and customs. They will learn the human body systems and the aging process. They also will practice personal care procedures as well as special procedures.

Sessions 5-6

Clients with Special Needs
Students will learn the characteristics of patients with different mental illnesses such as Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. 

Sessions 7-8

Home Management and Nutrition. Caring for oneself. 
Students will learn the importance of an appropriate nutrition based on clients conditions. They will also learn how to deal with stress and the required continuing education.