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Solar Panel Credential


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TRAINING PACKAGE on ETT113 to apply to: PV Installation Professional Certification NABCEP


Our 40hr Credential Review

In the need to look for alternatives to produce energy without causing pollution, the solar panel industry has grown 50% in the last decade, creating a high labor demand in the field of solar energy.

The government and power companies have created programs to increase the use of solar panels, such as the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) that provides a 30% tax credit for those who have solar energy.

Our basic photovoltaic (PV) design and installation course provides the necessary knowledge and skills to obtain the Photovoltaic Associate Credential, which is issued by the North American Board of
Certified Energy Professionals (NABCEP).

* All classes are offered both in the morning, afternoon and on weekends. Our instructors are certified and work in the field they train. This review class is part of the ACCET accredited photovoltaic (PV) ETT113 electricity technician program and it's sol purpose is intended for students to obtain a credential within the filed and to enhance the students knowledge/ credentials. 

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SOlar Energy Benefits 

1. Save more than 80% on the electric bill.
2. More than 30,000 new jobs available.
3. Federal incentives:
       -2019 - 30% investment tax credit
       -Tax exemptions to solar property
       -Cash refunds
       -State tax credit
       -Residential Tax Credit for Renewable Energy
4. FPL incentives:
       -Performance based on (PBI):
       -* FPL sells $ 0.1204 kW / h and buys $ 0.10034 kW / h
5. Solar energy can be used in:
       -The ships
       -Fields / Lands
       -Mobile homes

What does this class include?

➢ Theoretical-practical classes with 3D presentations in power point.
➢ Book, materials and brochures.
➢ Photovoltaic partner credential issued by
➢ Certificate of completion of 40 hours.
➢ Assistance with retail license.
➢ Assistance with Distribution License.
➢ Assistance with obtaining EIN / Tax ID number
➢ Assistance with obtaining Local Business Tax
➢ Corporate management advice.
➢ Forms used to estimate installation and costs