This review is offered to prepare for National or State Certifications.

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    Preparation in Phlebotomy

    Do you want to receive your certification in phlebotomy? Can’t get a job due to lack of certification? FITI Florida International Training Institute offers you a preparation to prepare and take state and National certifications.


    Exam, Lab Material, and Study Material Included


    This preparation will teach students current phlebotomy practice procedures, documentation, standards for venipuncture procedures, infectious diseases, and protocol for particular equipment usage with an emphasis in accident prevention.

    Theoretical: The theoretical part consists of 4 class sessions covering six main categories of the phlebotomy branch.

    Practical: In the practical portion of the last 4 sessions, the student must perform a venipuncture. The practical exam will be evaluated by a qualified healthcare professional on the last day of class.

    All students must pass both an exit o exam to successfully pass this review.

    National & State certification examinations are not mandatory or required. However, we encourage certification to our students for better labor and workforce opportunities. Certifications are typically valid for 1 year and must be renewed before the expiration date. Renewals must be accompanied by hours of continuing education on health-related topics.

    8 Sessions

    Session 1

    Introduction to Phlebotomy:
    Definition of Phlebotomy and your responsibilities as a phlebotomist. Rights and duties of the patient. Identification of each section of the laboratory. Study of the circulatory and lymphatic system.

    Session 2

    HIV and safety in Phlebotomy:
    Rules of protection and safety to the patient. Principles and procedures for infection control. Hand washing technique. Universal precautions. OSHA regulations.

    Session 3

    Phlebotomy techniques:
    Venipuncture and capillary puncture techniques. Most common sites for extraction. Procedures and practices. Transmission of pathogens through the blood.

    Session 4

    Consideration of specimen and special procedures:
    Collection and handling of the sample. Glucose tolerance test and other special studies.

    Exam Day

    The exam is divided into two parts, a written part via computer and a practical part examined by a health professional.

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