Healthcare Technicians – The In-demand Career

Healthcare Technicians – The In-demand Career

While some health technicians specialize in technical fields, such as anesthesia, phlebotomy, laboratory testing, and radiology, other health technicians assist patients in changing dressings and taking vital signs. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics identifies the median annual salary for a healthcare technician as $53,120 and predicts jobs in this field to increase by 7 percent from 2019 to 2029. It indicates that there will be ample opportunity for healthcare technicians once they complete their courses. When it comes to healthcare technician certifications, Florida International Training Institute Health programs are among the best.


Florida International Training Institute Health Programs

Florida International Training Institute uses a multi-disciplinary approach to learning and assists the students in developing professional career skills in medical and technical fields. Among other programs like technical programs and professional certifications, the institute focuses on health programs such as the medical assistant program, patient care technician program, medical billing & coding program, and home health aide.


Medical Assistant Program

The program aims at training administrative and clinical roles for employment in a physician’s office or a medical facility. The program prepares the students for the role of a medical assistant. As a medical assistant, the student will take patient history, obtain vital signs, prepare patients for examination and procedures, and perform diagnostic tests as directed by the physician. The 470-hours course includes anatomy, physiology & medical terminology, medical & clinical procedures, diagnostic imaging, medical coding & billing, medical office management, laboratory procedures, EMR, and emergency care.


Patient Care Technician

The program provides students with skills to work in the area of home health aide and nursing assistant. Upon completing the course, the students may work in medical settings such as hospitals, adult living facilities, rehabilitation centers, and many others. The course introduces nursing assistance & home health aide, anatomy & physiology, nursing fundamentals, nursing assistant procedures, CPR, electrocardiography, and phlebotomy & hematology to the students. 


Medical Billing and Coding 

The Medical Billing and Coding program is among the most popular Florida International Training Institute health programs. The medical billing and coding students of Florida International Training Institute receive several certifications, along with the MBC diploma. The program prepares the students with working knowledge of anatomy, physiology & medical terminology, medical front office procedures, hospital billing, medical data entry, diagnostic & procedural coding, insurance & claim processing, billing & collections, and coding certification review. 


Home Health Aide

In the 8-session program, technicians learn to assist individuals with their grooming, dressing, bathing, and the universal precautions designed to protect both the healthcare worker and the patient. United States Department of Labor predicts the employment in this field to grow up to 34 percent by 2029.

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