Significance of Certification in Today’s Age

Significance of Certification in Today’s Age

Thirst for knowledge is key to one’s thriving career. The corporate world is becoming more competitive by the day, making it imperative for professionals to continuously educate themselves with specialized knowledge and skillset to become desirable candidates to the employers or clients. 


Certification gives you a competitive advantage over your peers for demonstrating dedication and excellence in a particular subject. Mastering a new body of knowledge gives you tools to draw upon when needed. Not only a certification establishes professional credibility, but certification will also help you earn more money. The clients and employers understand the higher costs associated with industry certifications and are willing to pay people having specialized training. 


With expertise in your field, you can establish the groundwork for a more sophisticated work environment and relate to someone else’s experience, further enabling you to be a better mentor. 


Florida International Training Institute Certifications

Florida International Training Institute encourages students to focus on specialized careers by emphasizing technical and medical training. Other Florida International Training Institute certifications programs include health programs and technical programs, Mental Health with IC&T, Phlebotomy with NAHT, EPA Universal Certification, and Solar Panel Certification with NABCEP.  


Mental Health with IC&T

Students under this program undergo training to become Behavioral Health Technicians. The technician helps healthcare practitioners to treat patients with behavioral problems such as PTSD, substance abuse, physical and emotional abuse, and mental instability. The program focuses on students learning the implementation of individual treatment plans, recording patient behavior, and providing a safe and supportive environment for all patients. It is among the most popular Florida International Training Institute certifications.


Phlebotomy with NAHT

Florida International Training Institute offers a 5-day course. The students learn an introduction to phlebotomy on the first day, HIV and safety in phlebotomy on the second day, phlebotomy techniques on the third day, consideration of specimen and special procedures on the fourth day, and undergo a written and a practical examination on the last day of the course. 


EPA Universal Certification

You can obtain your EPA license by undergoing the EPA Universal certification course with Florida International Training Institute. The associated cost of the program is $150. 


Solar Panel Certification with NABCEP

With the growing demand for Solar Panels, Florida International Training Institute offers a 40-hours course in basic photovoltaic (PV) design and installation. This course provides the necessary knowledge and skills to obtain the Photovoltaic Associate Credential,  issued by the North American Board of Certified Energy Professionals (NABCEP).

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