Student Aplication for Admission

    Student Acceptance Form - Student Affirmation Form

    Once I enroll in the course mentioned above:

    • I have received a copy of all my signed documents. I understand that the registration fee at the institution is NON-REFUNDABLE under any circumstances

    • I understand that I am responsible for the full cost of the program. I must pay the full cost of the program before the last session, before taking any exam or test, or following the payment schedule established by the institution.

    • I understand that failure to meet my financial obligations to the institution I may be sent to the office of a debt collection attorney.

    • I understand that the institution will not issue any certificate if I do not complete the required number of hours and / or the cost of the course.

    • I must attend classes every day and be on time. If for any reason I am absent from a class during the training, I must make up the missing class.

    • Children are not allowed on the premises while the school is in classes or sessions. Appropriate clothing and closed shoes must be worn every day.

    • The school will not be responsible for any injuries, burns, cuts, punctures, or contamination of any samples used in the laboratories.

    • I agree to have photographs / videos in which I appear for marketing and advertising purposes.

    • I understand that after attending the first session / class, the cost of the program is also non-refundable. The school is not responsible for finding employment for students in programs less than 300 hours.

    • I cannot distribute any copyrighted material given to me by FITI.

    • I understand that any study materials, tests, homework, and PowerPoints may not be duplicated, sold, or used to teach in any class outside of FITI. All material is property of FITI. Any subject or student found to be involved in this practice is subject to legal charges.(Including filming or voice recording, while in any FITI premises)

    • I understand that the school may terminate my enrollment if I do not meet academic and financial requirements or if I do not meet established standards of conduct.

    • I understand that I can be subject to legal action if I post slander or libel comments/reviews on any virtual, digital or online platform towards or against the institution (FITI).

    Training cancellation

    The institution reserves the right to cancel, change, or reschedule a class at any time, including but not limited to lack of participation, classroom, equipment, or availability of trainers. Notification will be provided as soon as possible and all monies will be refunded to the student, including registration fees.

    General liability clause

    The institution shall not be liable for damages of any kind resulting from errors or omissions in the training materials nor shall it be liable for damages resulting from the use of the training materials or other transmitted information.