Become an A/C Repair Technician – A Short Guide

Technically minded individuals who are fascinated about working on the technical aspects of air conditioning may find roadblocks in their path to success as employers usually demand certifications. Being educated and prepared also helps put any person above other candidates in the competitive job environment. Certification programs are also a great way to endorse your skills and knowledge, as employers notice that.


The A/C Repair Technician Trade

A/C repair technicians play a crucial domain in providing HVAC service. Thus, it is in huge demand worldwide. An A/C repair technician has to install, maintain and repair residential, commercial, and industrial AC systems and parts. 


To install an air conditioning system, a technician will place or mount system components based on instructions. Moreover, technicians will also calibrate the controls on the systems, including wiring and testing the system.


In terms of monitoring, the technician will check system parts, lubricate the parts and monitor the other aspects of the system. In addition to this, a technician will have to diagnose the problem and fix the unit either by repairing, replacing controls, or other parts.


Where Does an A/C repair Technician Work?

A/C repair technicians will usually work for companies that install and service A/C systems. However, some air conditioning repair technicians are self-employed.

As an A/C repair technician, a person should expect to work in residential places, schools, hospitals, stores, office buildings, commercial establishments, factories, and more. Moreover, technicians will have to work in hot or cold environments depending on the type of building or repair.


How do I Gain A/C Repair Technician Skills?

Florida International Training Institute (FITI) offers an excellent Refrigeration and A/C Repair Technician program. It is specially designed to train students for an entry-level position in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration. Overall, the A/C Repair Technician program provides theoretical and hands-on modules on the installation, design, maintenance, and repair of residential/commercial refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating equipment.


Overall, this is a skill-oriented A/C Repair Technician program where a person will learn the operations and function of air conditioning, automobile air conditioning, fundamentals of refrigeration, principles, and application of electricity, electrical motors, general appliances repair, and much more. The students will also receive hands-on training with all the necessary safety equipment. So, if you’re interested in gaining entry-level skills in the air conditioning/refrigeration field, enroll in this program today.  


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