The Importance of Certifications for Technicians

The Importance of Certifications for Technicians

Some workers rely on specialized technical knowledge to install, repair, and maintain equipment. More often than not, these workers are called technicians or repairers. While there are no pre-requisites or the minimum level of education required for these jobs, employers may require an industry-specific degree or certification for credibility. Technicians may acquire voluntary certifications in the fields of heavy machinery, computer, and electronics industries. As per, the annual salary of entry-level technicians in the United States is $49,232. The work environment of these technicians varies with industry. While computer technicians are more likely to find themselves in office settings or computer laboratories, electricity or electrical equipment technicians will work on-site of equipment or in a repair station. 


Florida International Training Institute Technical Programs

Florida International Training Institute emphasizes on training required for securing entry-level jobs in medical and technical fields. The institute maintains a highly qualified faculty and staff to assist students in developing their professional careers. Among other programs like health programs and professional certifications, you can also check out the Florida International Training Institute technical programs such as the Electricity Technician program, Business Administration and Refrigeration, and A/C Repair Technician program.


Electricity Technician Program

The program includes theoretical and hands-on training in the installation of commercial and residential projects. The electricity technicians will learn basic skills that they will require to enter the electricity industry. The 400-lecture hours get students to deep dive into principles of electricity, electric materials & components, direct & alternating current circuits, residential & commercial wiring, electric motors & controls, national electric code, blueprint reading, electrical estimation, and basic photovoltaic (PV) design & installation.


Business Administration 

Hands-on exercises, assignments, and interactive lessons included in this program aim at preparing the students for entry-level jobs in the fields of business, accounting, and computers. Along with introducing business administration and computers to the students, the course also focuses on business English, business Math, principles of accounting, computerized accounting, marketing strategies, and human resource management. 


Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Repair Technician Program

The program trains the students for jobs like installation, basic, design, maintenance, and repairing residential and commercial air conditioning and heating equipment and refrigeration. The students have access to safety equipment such as protective goggles, welder’s heat resistant gloves, dust masks, and headgear for hands-on training. The students learn the fundamentals of refrigeration, principles & application of electricity, electrical motors, operation & function of air conditioning systems, automobile air conditioning, ice machine repair, and general appliances repair. It is among the most in-demand Florida International Training Institute technical programs.

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